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Re: installing Fedora 10 from USB Disk On Key

Mark Ryden wrote:
> Hello,
>   I have downloaded Fedora 10  installation iso.
>   I want to install it from USB disk on key as my DVDrom is not working.
> Will this work:
> first:
>  dd if=linux_f10_iso.iso of=/dev/sdb and boot will start installation ?
> and then boot from the USB disk on key (after setting the BIOS to boot
> from USB disk on key, which is possible with my motherboard)
No - the boot image on a DVD is at a different location then on a
hard drive. (The USB key is seen as a hard drive.
> (/dev/sdb is my USB disk on key).
> Second question:
> suppose I take a live cd of Feodra 9 and then try to install fedora 10
> iso (from the HD) - will such thing work?

No - it will want a F9 install media.

> Or **MUST** I use a live cd of the same version as the Fedora which I
> want to install (namely, the live cd and the fedora iso (which is on the
> disk) I am installing must be of the same version, namely fedora  10?
You can use a live CD from the same version. You can use the
instructions on installing from a hard drive to install F10.


But I can not find the instructions to make the USB key boot into
the install image. If someone else does not have the URL, or
remember the instructions, you can use the directions for making a
bootable USB drive with the live CD using the install image from the
DVD. (<loop mounted DVD image>/images/boot.iso)


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