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Re: talk about your gEDA/pcb

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 9:23 PM, Kam Leo wrote:

It's been years since I looked at gEDA. Back then (6-8 years ago)
there was little integration among the tools. Is it still the case? By
the way, I visited the gEDA.org and "open collector" sites and that's
the impression that I's still getting.

Why don't you try yum install geda* ?


My basic problem is: where do I start?  I installed this with the
hopes of testing out my version of a X10 like circuit (active
and discrete components), and yet I look at the "Circuit" menu
and I get flabergasted - because I was not sure what to do.

Do I open xcircuit first, laydown the components from a
library menu, and then once done, how do I get from there
to spice?

Perhaps an idiot-proof tutorial would come in handy so that
one can go from an idea (a simple circuit will do) all the way
through the process to the end-product?

I mean, from conception, to schematic, to spice analysis, to pcboard
(end product)?

I think this would be of benefit and in case there already is one,
where please? :)


I have worked through a tutorial on gEDA that didn't include spice.

I have just tried this spice tutorial.


Note, that there is a slight problem with the examples on this page. The examples have a case issue for the netnames in Vin and Vout. I have emailed the author on this but have not gotten a reply.

Of course could start at the gEDA site.

I have only started trying to work with spice and my first experience with computerized design was with Multisim on Windows 95.

I would like to see the Linux tools move into a real time simulation like some of the commercial applications have.

I came across this but I have yet to try it.


Here is another gEDA and SPICE tutorial. It is old though. Again, I have not tried it.


Robin Laing

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