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Re: talk about your gEDA/pcb (Robin Laing)


> > My basic problem is: where do I start?  I installed this with the
> > hopes of testing out my version of a X10 like circuit (active and
> > discrete components), and yet I look at the "Circuit" menu and I get
> > flabergasted - because I was not sure what to do. 

I agree that the Geda suite is not very well integrated and hard to
break into.  However, I have used SPICE at work for decades and found
the Ngspice simulator fairly easy to use.  I'm developing my own
waveform viewer which allows arbitrary math to be performed on the
simulation waveforms:


For PCB layout (I'm also doing some X10 stuff!) I've been very
happy with Kicad:


I've done about 10 printed circuit boards with this GPL'd tool (some 2
layer, some 4 layer) with no problems.  It includes a schematic capture
tool, a footprint editor, and a PCB layout tool.  The layout can be
design rule checked and compared with the schematic.  Output is standard
Gerber.  You can even get a 3d view of the finished board. 

Rick Walker

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