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Re: How can make my webcam visible everywhere?

Ed Greshko wrote:

>> I have a webcam (Linksys WVC54GCA) with IP address ,
>> visible only on my home network 192.168.2.* .
>> How can I make it visible on my web server outside my system?
> You don't say what protocol is used to access the webcam. 

Thanks for your response.
The webcam image is seen through my web-browser,
so I guess the protocol is http .

> But, in any
> event, this is normally accomplished by port forwarding.  We don't know
> what the rest of your network looks like to complete the solution for
> you.   So, the question would be what device on your network has the
> true internet IP address?  If it is a DSL router or some such device
> they have port forwarding capabilities builtin.  If your Linux box acts
> as the firewall/router/NAT then you need to configure iptables to do the
> port forwarding for you.

My internet connection and web server has internal address .
I'm running shorewall as firewall on this server.
I have IP_FORWARDING=On in shorewall.conf .

I'm not sure what line to add to "rules",
or what address I would give from outside my system
to access the webcam.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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