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Re: How can make my webcam visible everywhere?

On Saturday 07 February 2009 10:27:43 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
> >> I have a webcam (Linksys WVC54GCA) with IP address ,
> >> visible only on my home network 192.168.2.* .
> >> How can I make it visible on my web server outside my system?
> My internet connection and web server has internal address .
> I'm running shorewall as firewall on this server.
> I have IP_FORWARDING=On in shorewall.conf .

Few things I'm not clear:
1. Is your box that have Shorewall also act as the router to the rest of 
internal network ? (i.e does the cable from your modem box plug in directly to 
this box?)
2. Do you want both from your web server _and_ your webcam to be viewable from 
the outside world ?

Most people only have one public IP address from the internet provider. So if 
you want to serve both your web and your webcam that both uses HTTP protocol, 
you have to use different port from outside world that routes to different thing 
(i.e your web server and your webcam). You can check public ip address here: 

So for example, you can have the default http://<your public IP> routes to 
your web server, and http://<your public ip>:8888 routes to your webcam (the 
:8888 means port 8888). 

To do this with shorewall, look at the "IP Forwarding" section in its 

Hope that helps.

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