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Re: X-Display issues [SOLVED]

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

I have been struggling over the X-Display system. I have
an Nvidia chipset, not that it may matter.

When I originally installed F10, I was able to get the X-display
(but there was no xorg.conf file) and the screen appeared to look
high resolution, but the screen size appeared to look like a 1600x1200
but was only covering only 2/3 of the screen monitor.  Along with that,
there were white horizontal flickering lines appearing randomly in a
vertical column, just to the right of center. I suspected that the problem is the vertical refresh rate, set too high for my monitor. But setting this
value is not possible, afaik, with the system-config-display tool.

I found somewhere that there is also an x display helper tool that
allows one to set the vertical refresh on the fly (against I forget what
it was), and set the value to 75Hz and it worked.  My display screen
covered 100% of my monitor screen so I know that I need a tool to
set the vertical refresh rate permanently.

I also know that there is an alternate gui tool available that allows me
to permanently set the vertical refresh rate, but I cannot recall what it is.

Can someone remind me what it is?


Never mind.  I figured it out.  I needed to create the xorg.conf file
and limit the vertical refresh rate therein.  I believe that at installation
time, the setup tool somehow could not determine the monitor I was
using (it was initially `unknown') and xrandr tried to calculate the
vrr a bit too high for the monitor (Hitachi CM813).  So I limited the
range from 50.0 to 85.0 and everything is working well.


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