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Re: f11 alpha x86_64 live KDE image too large to fit on CD?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   that has to be awfully close to the maximum capacity.  is that
> really too large?  and why put out an image that just ever so slightly
> goes over the limit?  or am i misreading something?

Settings / Configure K3b...
[x] Allow overburning (not supported by cdrecord <= 1.10)
and you should be good to go. This should probably be added to the wiki.

I wonder if we should set this option by default in kde-settings.

As for why we didn't just make it fit the limit: our live CD maintainer was
extremely busy and he didn't have much time to work on the live image in
the short time frame leading to the alpha. He did make one adjustment to
try to reach the target size, but it was still slightly over the limit. I
was also extremely busy (and I also have no experience with spinning live
images, which is needed to test what size they result in), so I wasn't able
to help.

We will try to make it fit into whatever K3b and/or wodim thinks is the
maximum size (is it 700*1024*1024 bytes? Or something close to that? I'll
have to check) for the beta. (Sigh, having to cut off useful applications
to stay within an arbitrary limit which can usually be overburned anyway is
frustrating. I'd even argue we should actually make the images
intentionally slightly oversized, but I guess my suggestion won't get much

        Kevin Kofler

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