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Re: Ran out of disk space during yum update

>Dennis Kaptain wrote:
>> a simple script that takes a long time but uses ABSOLUTE minimal space

>It's not absolute minimal, you'd have to do it in a specific order (which is
>extremely hard to compute) to use absolute minimal space. (In theory,
>reverse dependency order would be it for installations, but for upgrades a
>reverse dependency can also force an upgrade, so it's not quite that
>obvious, and even for installations, there are circular dependencies
>meaning the reverse dependency order does not actually exist.)

>        Kevin Kofler

Thank you Kevin. You are right about that. It is not absolute minimal space. It is however the least I can figure out to use and should work in all but the most dire circumstances. If you don't have enough disk space to yum update one package (+ dependencies) at a time, you need to re-examine your partitioning scheme.

Dennis K

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