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Re: fedora live dvd

On Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 9:55 PM, shivam tiwari <bigbang4u2 gmail com> wrote:
> Thank you very much for you help,
> But now I am getting new problem while installing fedora via virtual box.
> I allocated space of 16GB for it , and I am installing it from boot.iso as
> stated earlier.
> At the time of installation I choose "Remove all linux partition and choose
> default layout".
> Checked "review and modifying partitioning layout ". Clicked on next and
> then clicked on write changes to disk . After selecting drive on which
> fedora is to be installed , I clicked on next and window is popped up saying
> "Enable Network Interface". When I click ok it said "exit installer" or
> "debug". Can't I skip this step. Why I need to be connected to internet.
> After this I have no other option left but to exit installer.
> thank you

Did you burn only the boot.iso image to CDR?
The boot.iso image is just that, to boot the system and point the installer to
where the bulk of the OS image is.
If your intention is to install from CD or DVD media you need to burn the
entire Fedora image to DVD. Then use that DVD to install, no network
connection needed.

Read the official install docs here
In particular read Section 6 "Installation Methods"

BTW - when replying, post at the end of the message, not at the top.
See the guidelines. It's hard to read the archives when top posting.


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