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On Sat, 2009-02-07 at 23:25 -0500, Mike Chalmers wrote:
> > I think you make less of a point about liking Fedora than the point you
> > make in that you don't understand how it all works.
> >
> > Craig
> >
> > --
> Say what you will, which isn't true, but I have used Fedora for quite
> sometime, because I like it very much.
> There must be someway for Fedora to work through updates and upgrades,
> then installing a new OS?
My approach to the problem is to keep the new Fedora release
in a separate partition on the same disk with everything else
somewhere else on the same machine or on a network server.

A Fedora release easily fits into 10GB partition so with
a 500GB disk you could easily have 10 releases installed !!!!
plus 400GB of data!

I usually only go as far as having the previous two versions installed.
When I am happy I can enjoy the latest toys on the new release
I use that as my main boot version and free up a partition
ready for the next release.

An alternative which I am using as well is to install F10 say
on an 8GB USB memory stick and plug it in as required.
This was the way I tested F10 on an old laptop before deciding
to replace F8 with F10 (Only 30GB disk on the laptop)
A reasonably good memory stick does not have speed or life problems.

Usually it only takes 20 minutes to install the new release
and then days of pleasure discovering what has changed !

(My server is Centos 5.2 however!)

All my experiences have persuaded me that it is much, much cleaner
to install each release and NOT update.


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