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Re: How can make my webcam visible everywhere?

Ed Greshko wrote:

>>> I have a webcam (Linksys WVC54GCA) with IP address ,
>>>> visible only on my home network 192.168.2.* .
>>>> How can I make it visible on my web server outside my system?

> You are running shorewall...and your internal IP address is
>  This is what can be called an RFC-1918 and can't be
> directly accessed from the internet.
> Can we assume that your system has two interfaces?  One with a
> non-RFC-1918 address?

Thanks very much.
You have elucidated the issue for me.

Yes. What I call my server, "helen", is attached to an ADSL modem on eth0.
It is also attached to a Linksys WRT54GL router on eth1.
which is the link to my home network.
I have an external IP address .

> If so...then the best thing you can do is head over to
> http://www.shorewall.net/  and go to "Documentation", pick the version
> you are running and go to "Index" and then "Port Forwarding" as this
> will explain what you need in better words than I could.

I did look briefly at the shorewall documentation on Port Forwarding,
at <http://www.shorewall.net/two-interface.htm#DNAT>,
but I thought it was only concerned with inward port forwarding,
while I wanted outward port forwarding.
But I see on reading it more carefully that I was mistaken.

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