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Re: Firewall problem: Only works on a restart.

Steven W. Orr wrote:
> I have a minor mystery and I don't know how to debug it.
> I have two computers in the house. Machine A has two NICS, one of which
> is hooked to the cable modem and sees the outside world. Also, Machine A
> implements the IPTABLES firewall with NAT. Machine B and Machine A's 2nd
> NIC are hooked up to a little hub. Ever since I upgraded to F10, I
> notice that Machine B can't see the outside world unless I restart the
> firewall. And just to make it interesting,
> iptables -L > before
> restart the firewall
> iptables -L > after
> diff before after
> result is no difference
> I'm wide open to a suggestion on how to fix this. And please don't tell
> me to restart the firewall in rc.local. ;-)
Dumb question time:

Is the NIC connected to the hub brought up at boot?

Does it have a static IP address?


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