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Re: strange directory in / on F10

Jack Howarth wrote:
   Is anyone else seeing this under Fedora 10?
On my x86_64 installation, upgraded from Fedora 8,
I am seeing a directory named {fda00e13-8c62-4f63-9d19-d168115b11ca}

I got one to.  It has a DTM of 4/18/2008 on my F9 system.

When I did a locate on beagle, I got:


So it looks like a leftover from Firefox 1.0.5 (which I had installed on FC6....), at least for me.

in the root level which contains a subdirectory chrome and files chrome.manifest install.rdf.
The rpm -qf command doesn't indicate that this was
installed by a particular package. Any idea where this directory is coming from and is it safe to
delete it?
ps The chrome.manifest file contains the text...

content beagle jar:chrome/beagle.jar!/content/
locale beagle en-US jar:chrome/beagle.jar!/locale/en-US/
overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://beagle/content/beagleOverlay.xul
overlay chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul chrome://beagle/content/beagleOverlay.xul
skin beagle classic/1.0 jar:chrome/beagle.jar!/skin/classic/

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