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Re: Red Hat g++ packaging question

PS = Pete Stieber
PS>> internal compiler error: in cp_parser_lookup_name, at cp/parser.c:16202
PS>> Please submit a full bug report,
PS>> with preprocessed source if appropriate.
PS>> See <http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla> for instructions.
PS>> The bug is not reproducible, so it is likely a hardware or OS problem.
PS>> </BuildLogOutput>

MF = Matthew Flaschen
MF> I would recommending doing as suggested and filing a
MF> bug at either http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla or
MF> http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/

The reason I didn't do this in the first place is the fact that I cannot reproduce the bugs. They occur infrequently (like once a week) and in various source modules. Wouldn't this be futile?

PS>> Is it possible that 4.3.3 will be in Fedora 11 so it isn't
PS>> going to be released in Fedora 10?
PS>> How would one determine this?

MF> Check the Fedora 11 and rawhide mirrors.  E.g.
MF> gcc 4.4.0 is currently in rawhide (gcc-c++-4.4.0-0.16.i386.rpm) while
MF> gcc 4.3.2-7 is in Fedora 11 testing (gcc-c++-4.3.2-7.i386.rpm).  See any
MF> mirror listings, such as
MF> http://mirror.lib.ucdavis.edu/fedora/linux/development/i386/os/Packages/
MF> and
MF> http://mirror.lib.ucdavis.edu/fedora/linux/releases/test/11-Alpha/Fedora/i386/os/Packages/

Thanks for the suggestion, but I know how to check the mirrors, I was wondering if there is a web site, wiki, or mailing list that I could follow that would indicate Fedora's GCC release plans for each version of Fedora. Sorry I wasn't clear.

For example, the GCC 4.3.3 announcement went out on 2/1/2009. Do the Fedora GCC maintainers have something that indicates they plan on updating to this release somewhere?

Maybe there is a way for me to ask the Fedora GCC packager this question?

Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question,

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