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RE: Never-ending boot progress

All four disks have been formatted and bad-sector checked with the
ROM-based Dell PERC 3 software.

Tim Clarke


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	Subject: Re: Never-ending boot progress
	Have you tested for disk errors ? bad sectors and so ?
	Looks like a hardware problem

	On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 16:31 +0000, Tim Clarke wrote: 

		Hi - can anyone help with an install issue pls?
		On reboot after (several repeated!) seemingly good
installs I just get
		the progress bar at the bottom of the screen that slowly
becomes fully
		white. On pressing ESC i get four lines saying
			reading logical volumes
			found vol0...
			found vol1...
			2 volumes in group vol0 now active
		but no disk activity! I've left it overnight but its
just hung there.
		Any additional diagnosis steps I can perform here?
		Tim Clarke

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