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firewall + Wireless problems

Hi All;

I've setup untangle as a firewall - it works great. It's setup with 
as the  'gateway' or the begining I.P. range for the DHCP server. So, if I go 
to I get the untangle admin panel

I also want a wireless access point. I'm currently using a netgear VPN 
fiirewall with a built-in WAP (I'm only wanting the Wireless Access Point).  

Unfortunately I cannot have the VPN firewall access point on the same subnet as 
the untangle firewall. The untangle DHCP server serves up IP's from 

I'd like for the WAP to just get another IP and serve up addresses from thru (or so).

The WAP however wants to be its own DHCP server and refuses to start with 
ANYTHING other than a 192.168.x.1 address.

Any thoughts on this ? Is this normal, or maybe its simply because I'm forcing 
a firewall to be only a WAP ? Suggestions per configurations and/or WAP devices 

I did buy a USR model 5451 WAP but it seems to be too tied to M$ Windows, 
without the M$ windows install CD (according to their suppoer) I should be 
able to access it at but it doesn't work - even if I try it before 
my untangle firewall (Directly off the cable modem)

Thanks in advance for any advice, thoughts, etc...

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