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Fedora 10/KDE: how to make vfat mount with shortname=mixed as default?


It seems that it was discussed a lot earlier but I still could not 
find really working and easily configurable solution...

In konqueror from KDE 3.x there was an option in folder properties - 
"Mounting options" which could be used to specify some mounting 
options for certain drives (the volume was specified by the device ID, 
not sure now...). I could not find similar options in modern Dolphin 
file manager.

In fact, for myself, and probably for many other users, it would be 
more practical to make the option 'shortname=mixed' system-wide and 
add the possibility to adjust it for particular drives, if necessary. 
Is it possible in Fedora 10 without any program recompilation?

There are some forum posts about using gconf-editor, but it does not 
seem to work in KDE...

Any idea?


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