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Re: Never-ending boot progress

Sounds like quite a weird problem which is never a good sign... Some
slightly obvious suggestions that might help:

1. Try the "linux rescue" image from the installation CD/DVD.
(Probably called something else now involving the word "rescue".
2. Do the recommended "chroot /mnt/sysimage".
3. Check the logs - /var/log/messages is probably the only one of
relevance. That might tell you what's wrong, otherwise....
4. Try changing your default runlevel to level 3 by editing
/etc/inittab and changing




If things work at that level, you know it's probably some issue
related to the GUI, i.e. probably graphics drivers. You seem like you
know your stuff so apologies if I'm stating the obvious but thought
I'd put it down anyway in case it helps!

Cheers, Chris.

2009/2/9 Tim Clarke <Tim Clarke manifest co uk>:
> Hi - can anyone help with an install issue pls?
> On reboot after (several repeated!) seemingly good installs I just get
> the progress bar at the bottom of the screen that slowly becomes fully
> white. On pressing ESC i get four lines saying
>        reading logical volumes
>        found vol0...
>        found vol1...
>        2 volumes in group vol0 now active
> but no disk activity! I've left it overnight but its just hung there.
> Any additional diagnosis steps I can perform here?
> Tim Clarke
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