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Re: Mysql with federated engine

Pedro Freire wrote:

Hello list,

I need to have a federated table in MySQL.

However, the engine in the Fedora package is not enabled.

How can I enable it ? Is there an optional package ?

make sure that:

1. rpmdevtools is installed
2. you have executed /usr/bin/rpmdev-setuptree before, as yourself.
3.   you have yum-utils installed


yumdownloader --source mysql
rpm -ihv mysql-5.0.67-2.fc10.src.rpm
cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/
rpmbuild -bp mysql.spec

Install any dependancies listed:  I had to yum install gperf.

vi  mysql.spec

in the %configure section, add:
       --with-federated-storage-engine \

Save mysql.spec

rpmbuild -ba mysql.spec

After a while, you will have the packages to install. Because it is the same as the installed one, you will need to rpm -e mysql ... whatever mysql packages you currently have installed.

Now install the new ones you built.

If you need to preserve the mysql packages over future yum updates, you will need to add lines in /etc/yum.conf to ignore those packages.

Good Luck!

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