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Firewire HDD causes hard lockups

Hey all,

I have a Futura Mobile Storage Solution 3.5" External IDE HDD Enclosure with USB 2.0 and Firewire support. I'm having problems using it with my Firewire connection. I was thinking about submitting a report to Bugzilla, but wanted to get some feedback first.

The drive that I placed inside the enclosure is a Western Digital Protégé WD400EB-11CPFG0, with 40.0 fake GB.

Every time that this drive is hooked up to my computer in Fedora 9 (and now Fedora 10) the system locks up hard. I had the drive connected during install of Fedora 10, and the installation program kept complaining about how the partition table on it was invalid, and asked if I wanted to create a new partition table for it. At some random point during the installation, the computer would lock up hard. The drive is for backup only, so I unplugged it, restarted installation and everything went fine.

The drive is formatted with NTFS, as it was originally inside a Windows XP Pro computer, and I am now using it to back up my files on my laptop while running Windows XP Pro. I tried repartitioning and reformatting in Windows XP, but Fedora 10 installation complained again and the computer locked up hard sometime later again.

Any thoughts?


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