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Fedora 10 openssl + neon + subversion + htts + user cert authentication

Good day,

I don't know exactly where my problem is, but I'll explain in detail to see if anyone has the same and a solution.

I'm trying to access to a subversion repo via https with client authentication with certificates.
The solution is implemented in a centos 5.2.

If in the machine where the solution is implemented I can do a

svn co https://site/repo

The answer a question where the certificate resides for the access and I can get a successful checkout.

If I do the same in a fedora 10 I get the following error after I tell where the certificate is:

svn: OPTIONS of 'https://site/repo': SSL negotiation failed: SSL alert received: Decrypt error (https://site)

For what I've seen this could be a bug recently introduced in openssl/neon.

Is this right?

Both systems are completely up to date.

Thanks in advance.


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