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Wayne Feick wrote:

> I have to say, this is why I switched *away* from gentoo. It seemed like
> a good idea at first, but I got tired of being surprised far too often
> by someone deciding to make changes that required my attention. A lot of
> the changes seemed to be of the class "wouldn't the piano.config look
> better over there?" and "let's invent a new way of doing something that
> works fine now".
> If you're looking for a system that requires less of your time to manage
> than Fedora, I suspect you'll discover you've gone in the opposite
> direction with gentoo.

Not true.  I have less to manage with Gentoo.  It's not as
user-unfriendly as you make it out to be.  It might have been at first,
as they were getting their feet wet, so to speak, but I've had nothing
but good experiences with Gentoo for 3+ years.  Honestly, I wouldn't go
back to Fedora on this laptop of mine for anything.  In fact, I got so
fed up with Network Manager on my daughter's new laptop, that I
installed Gentoo on it and got rid of Fedora just so I wouldn't have to
deal with that pile of crap NM.

> With virtualization support as good as it is these days, I'm leaning
> towards installing each successive release in a new VM and migrating my
> various services over to it before decommissioning the previous VM. In
> theory, anyway. I haven't tried it in practice yet.

Actually, this works pretty well. I have done this on a couple of
servers of mine and I've had little to no trouble with the migration. I
will say Fedora's VM support is as good as it gets I think.

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