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Re: Can't find a package

I am using Gnome

This program had two tabs.

Tab 1 - Configure Sound devices
Tab 2 - Configure Input video devices.


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Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 9:19:34 AM
Subject: Re: Can't find a package

James Harrison wrote:
> All,
> After I rebuilt my system I can't find a program that I was using before.
> It allowed me to set up my webcam and audio.
> It was call something like multimedia-selector....???
> If someone knows the program I am talking about, can someone let me know
> the name of it.
It could be /usr/bin/gstreamer-properties which is provided by the
gnome-media package.

But if you're not using Gnome I don't have a clue - can you give a
better description of what it allowed you to do with your webcam and audio?


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