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Re: Red Hat g++ packaging question

Peter J. Stieber wrote:

4.3.2 -> 4.3.3 from the GCC web site is a "regression fixes and docs only" only. It is not a new release. This has happened in prior Fedora releases. This is one of the things I like about Fedora.

Err, regardless of the content, it *is* a new release and it doesn't differ much from what is already in Fedora 10. Think, backports.

Now if I have to wait for Fedora 11 to get GCC 4.4.x the process will start all over again, because this is a new release of GCC and it will take a few minor versions updates before they are worked out. With your "Build tools are usually not updated post-release" argument there may not be a bug fixed / stable version of GCC for some time... Unless 4.3.x-compat is released in Fedora 11.

It quite often is. Also note that development snapshots or RC's of GCC are introduced early in the development cycle and the entire distribution is rebuild with it to shake about bugs in the distribution as well as GCC.

According to Jakub it does...

Read my immediate followup on this mail. I read your question wrong.


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