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Re: Trying to build tightvnc for FC10 from FC11 src.rpm

Mike Cloaked wrote:

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
Well I got the src.rpm for fc11, and after running rpmbuild, I found a number of dependencies I needed. I installed those and tried again and not too supprisingly the rebuild failed.

This is interesting - I know that there is a plan that is not far from
complete to have tightvnc in F11 for release. It would be very nice to have
this built for F10 also and made available through the normal updates
system. I guess that test building for f10 is part of that process?

I use TightVNC on my Centos systems, and particularly with my HIP testing (using the HIPL code). So I since my plans for HIP include FC10 (to get the 2.6.27 kernel with the IPsec BEET patches), I need TightVNC. What better way than instead of taking the old 1.3.9 code from RHEL5, to use the new 1.5.0 from the FC11 development.

So I am trying to do the retrofit. Any one more skilled than me (and there are LOTS that fit that catagory), I would welcome the help. And maybe to get TightVNC as a standard part of FC10.

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