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Mark Haney wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> I am not following your argument. How does having dependencies
>> result in a bigger binary? I would think it would result in just the
>> opposite - small binaries that link with other programs/libraries
>> like building blocks. Other programs can share some of the same
>> blocks, so you do not have to duplicate them in more then one binary.
> My point is that including virtually every compile option in every
> package means the system links to many more libraries than are probably
> needed.  I know some compromise for 'desktop use' has to be made and I
> understand that.  But including dependencies for every media player out
> there seems silly.  Does that make a little more sense with where my
> train of thought is going?  If not, don't worry, my wife doesn't
> understand me either.
I have not seen that. What I have seen is several media players
having the same dependencies, so you only have to drag them in when
you install the first medial player. On the other hand, I have seen
GUIs that require more then one CLI media player - usually because
the GUI will work as the front end for more then one CLI media
player. I am not sure how to handle installing the GUI first, but
installing it after the CLI program(s) should let it install without
requiring the other ones. I think it can be built that way. (Like
you can have Sendmail or Postfix installed, and fill the requirement
for a MTA.
>> You also have GUI programs that are front ends to CLI programs. So
>> you naturally need the program(s) that they are front ends for when
>> you are installing the GUI.
>> If anything, Linux is moving away from the collection of small
>> programs that preform one function well, and can be linked to other
>> programs to perform a specific task...
> Personally I like the 'one task and do it well' philosophy.  We've seen
> the fun that is M$ and it's joke of an OS in Vista.  trying to be
> everything to everybody and doing none of those things particularly
> well.  But that is for another thread, methinks.
I do as well. But that may be because I started with the CLI and I
am still comfortable with it. Shell scripts are fun!


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