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James Harrison wrote:
>> fed up with Network Manager
> If you want you don't have to use networking with Network Manager. It is optional whether you use it or not.

I am quite aware of that.  (In fact, we had a really long thread about
that very subject.)  However, the more I do, the more I really like my
gentoo system booting in under 20 seconds as compared to over 40 for

I also like the control to what packages I install and what compile
options I need.  Granted, not everyone knows or cares about those
things, but virtually everything I run on gentoo on my laptop runs
faster than the exact same package in Fedora on the same system.  And
I'm not talking barely noticeable I'm talking very obviously faster.

The biggest one being Firefox.  I have no idea what is going on with
Fedora's Firefox, but the exact same set of plugins and configuration on
gentoo and it screams compared to the slug that is FF on Fedora.  FF on
fedora is almost unusable with a standard setup on Fedora.

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quadraturae circuli

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