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James Harrison wrote:
>> gentoo system booting in under 20 seconds as compared to over 40 forFedora.
> Perhaps its your laptop? My system ( 64 bit running 32 bit FC10 ) does it round about 20 (from the time grub takes over the system).

Not the laptop.  Why would Fedora take twice as long?  Because there are
more default services and a bigger OS in general.
>> I also like the control to what packages I install and what compile options I need.
> Create your own RPM Fedora packages and compile them with your own settings.

So, in other words, you want to do with Fedora what I do with Gentoo?
That's why I use Gentoo. Why recreate the wheel with Fedora?

>> the slug that is FF on Fedora
> Nothing appears wrong from here for me.

Look, I'm not in this thread to defend gentoo over Fedora, or trash
Fedora in any way. I think the rolling updates idea is a better option
than an upgrade every 6-10 months and hope the upgrade works.  In a lot
of cases, the Fedora upgrade borks something. And before anyone reads me
the 'bleeding edge' riot act, I know that already. The fact is, with the
rolling updates of gentoo, my system is more stable than my fedora box
right after an upgrade. I understand it a difference in philosophy, but
I have yet to hear a really compelling reason for /not/ doing rolling
updates.  gentoo has been doing it for a long time and I've seen no
major drawbacks of their methods of updating.

With that said, there's nothing particularly wrong with Fedora's method
either, I just like gentoo's better.

Now, I'm done with this thread.

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quadraturae circuli

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