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Re: Q's for senior fedora/redhat admins

2009/2/11  <laura ausics net>:
> This question is only for those who are in the decision making processes
> of Fedora.

You can ignore me if you want, but I don't want your email to be in
the list archives without an appropriate rejoinder.

> will still attract those trolls who simply can't help themselves and need
> to make their comment

Your email reflects your knowledge and perceptions of Fedora and
actually sounds more like a troll. Perhaps contacting Red Hat directly
or your local Fedora ambassador would get you the response you want.

> Q1 will Fedora versions in the future offer
> something like Ubuntu, where as there is a "restricted" installed b
> default repo, to get codecs like playing a MP3 or movie, or

Multimedia is already done - it's called Codeina - go read about it.
Wireless - sorted by using better open drivers (e.g. new Broadcom and
Atheros code)

> Q2, Will Fedora release a LTS (long term support) version that is
> supported for 3 years or so, just like Ubuntu.

That's RHEL and/or CentOS and it's a heck of a lot longer than 3 years.

> windows does it, ubuntu does it even for Q1 after accepting the warning,
> but Fedora won't.

Your perceptions are wrong and you are not educating people correctly
for reasons above. Fedora doesn't seem to need saving as it's
community is just as vibrant and diverse as Ubuntu's - I follow both.

(Disclaimer: RHEL licence holder, Fedora user, but this EEE PC 701 is
running an Ubuntu variant - so there =oP)


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