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Re: Q's for senior fedora/redhat admins

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Q1: We tend to run Fedora on servers, not individual desktops, so the
decisions regarding Q1 may be different than for desktop users.  We
generally don't install any of the multimedia stuff.

Q2: We're converting a lot of our Fedora servers to Centos to get a
longer term base.  It's fun to install Fedora, but that 14 month barrier
to udpates always seem to come up faster that it seems at the time of
installation.  We'll still keep a few machines on Fedora when we need
the more "cutting edge" versions of software.

On 02/10/2009 06:51 PM, laura ausics net wrote:
> This question is only for those who are in the decision making processes
> of Fedora.
> For the others, please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm simply just
> not interested in the personal views of the list membership, I know this
> will still attract those trolls who simply can't help themselves and need
> to make their comments, but unless you reply with a @redhat or @fedora
> email you will be ignored, sorry if it sounds harsh, but thats the way it
> is.
> After using Fedora and Ubuntu for a couple of years, I am wondering about
> Fedoras' future, so I have some questions to help me decide.
> Q1, taking into account Fedoras political and legal worries about patents
> and codecs, the stuff thats commonly used by everyone who don't care about
>  and are not subject to U.S laws, will Fedora versions in the future offer
> something like Ubuntu, where as there is a "restricted" installed by
> default repo, to get codecs like playing a MP3 or movie, or automatically
> get and install wireless firmware/drivers, detecting whats needed, and
> popping up a warning that it might be illegal to use this where you live
> blah blah blah do you accept risks click OK  and it goes and gets and
> installs whatever it is, just like ubuntu does?
> Q2, Will Fedora release a LTS (long term support) version that is
> supported for 3 years or so, just like Ubuntu.
> Both of these are important to anyone I know, and my friends I've tried to
> show both distributions to convert to Linux, say it's no contest, they say
> windows does it, ubuntu does it even for Q1 after accepting the warning,
> but Fedora wont, not a one of them, said they would even try Fedora
> because of this, which goes to standing maybe as to why ubuntu has become
> so popular so very fast, so will either or both of these be addressed in
> the future to maybe help save Fedora?
> Best,
> Laura Kolwen

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