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Problem trying to install Fedora10-ppc booting from harddrive partition.

I put the 4 essential booting files(vmlinuz,ramdisk.image.gz,yaboot,
yaboot.conf) on a hardrive partition(/dev/hda7) and from the BIOS prompt
(OpenFirmware on the PPC) booted to that partition,to the boot loader
yaboot(boot loader on PPC) for installing Fedora10 on /dev/hda8(root
partition),hoping that the install system/kernel would be able to find
the first CD1 .iso image on an USB pendrive to get the files needed to
install the basic system,GNOME GUI,package management system,etc.
(I don't have a CD writer working at the moment to write a CD and boot
from the CD,this method is not new I have used it with success in Debian,
and OpenSUSE).
Booting from the BIOS to the boot loader yaboot on the drive partition
/dev/hda7 was made with success,I got the yaboot boot install prompt.
The problem shows when I write:

boot: install 

and yaboot does not find the kernel install image vmlinux,which I supposed
should be vmlinuz on the same /dev/hda7 partition.Yaboot tells me:

Please wait,loading kernel...
install:7,/vmlinux: Unable to open file,Invalid device

To get the above 4 boot files I did:
mount -t iso9660 -o loop Fedora-disc1-ppc.iso /mnt and copied the files
under /boot

So,I need 1)yaboot to recognize the kernel install image on /dev/hda7 and
next the kernel install image to search and recognize Fedora-disc1-ppc.iso
on the USB pendrive to have success with this method,as I have had with
Debian and OpenSUSE.I don't even know if this is possible with Fedora10
and if install parameters like these work:

boot: install textmode=1 addswap=/dev/hda9 

to prevent running out of memory during the install process,are valid
in Fedora10.

I would appreciate some suggestions about all these.



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