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Re: where to place KDE startup commands

Maybe you can use the KDE session manager to launch it automatically at the session start : there is such an option in systemsettings. Or put a link to /usr/bin/vmware-use in ~/.kde4/share/autostart/, it's the same thing.

2009/2/11 Kevin Kempter <kevin kevinkempterllc com>
Hi all;

I'm running Fedora 10 inside of vmware workstation as a guest. In order to get
the screen resize, copy/paste, etc I need to run '/usr/bin/vmware-user'
sometime after KDE is launched.

I tried placing this command in the following locations with no luck:


If I place it in my local .bashrc then it works but only after I launch a
konsole terminal.

Thoughts ?

Thanks in advance

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