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Re: Feature Proposal: Rolling Updates (was Re: WHY I WANT TO STOP USING FEDORA!!!)

Mark Haney wrote:
> Alan Evans wrote:
>> But what about appbar that also requires libfoo? Unless I'm
>> misunderstanding how Gentoo works (which is possible), you don't need
>> to redownload appbar because libfoo was updated. You only need to
>> recompile appbar after updating libfoo.
> Not exactly.  If libfoo gets updated you must rebuild appfoo against the
> new libraries.  And, unless you have the source tarball cached on the
> system (which portage does cache but like cleaning up yum doesn't keep
> everything) you will need to download the source again and recompile.
Normally, you only need to recompile if there is a major version in
the library. If it is a minor version change, it is supposed to be
backward compatible. So if your program was compiled against
libfoo-1.2.1, and you upgrade to libfoo-1.2.5, it is supposed to
still work. Now a program compiled against libfoo-1.2.5 may not work
with libfoo-1.2.1.


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