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Re: Time to upgrade FC8->FC10

Marcel J.E. Mol wrote:
> It seems preupgrade wants to donwload everything, but I have a F10 DVD that
> I want to use. How can I tell preupgrade to use the DVD for the packages?
> Could not find anything in the docs/web pages about that...
> -Marcel
From the end of  /usr/share/doc/preupgrade-1.0.1/README:

== Adding Custom Distributions ==
preupgrade searches the following locations for release data, in order:
If you want to add your own distribution to preupgrade: download
releases.txt, edit it to your liking, then run preupgrade from that
dir - or save it to ~/releases.txt to make it work when preupgrade
is run normally.

Please note that /usr/share/preupgrade/releases.list is ignored and
is only being shipped for compatibility reasons. Use ~/releases.txt
for customization.


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