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Re: Q's for senior fedora/redhat admins

> > > windows does it, ubuntu does it even for Q1 after accepting the
> > > warning, but Fedora won't.
> >
> > Your perceptions are wrong and you are not educating people correctly
> > for reasons above. Fedora doesn't seem to need saving as it's
> > community is just as vibrant and diverse as Ubuntu's - I follow both.
> Yes, any perception that somehow Fedora needs saving is plainly
> ignoring the explosive growth of our community, the advancement of
> technical features that we make available for *all* distributions (the
> open source way, you know), and the statistics we produce *openly and
> transparently* and publish on our wiki[1] (as opposed to making them
> up, and hoping everyone repeats them on our say-so).  We have an
> incredibly vast and energetic community of which people who only use
> the distribution might not be fully aware.  That's why we encourage
> people to get involved.[2]

First of all, I should mention that because windows does it or $distro does 
it, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.  Rather, it means it's just 
another way of doing it.

Secondly, I should highly agree with Paul Frields here because until I didn't 
get involved in Fedora, I had no idea what a great community it has.  And now, 
I admit that I value the community much much more than the operating system 
itself, and sadly, I didn't realize that until very recently.

Armin Moradi

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