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RE: Never-ending boot progress

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> Sent: 10 February 2009 17:41
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> Subject: Re: Never-ending boot progress
> Recently I had similar issues with missing files after an install. It
> boiled down
> to a corrupt image download. The tip is to test the media 
> when the install asks
> for a media check. Try that and if you find errors get 
> yourself another
> download.

All media tested and no problems reported during test or install.

> Removing the rhgb and the quiet option will show verbose info 
> on the screen
> at boot time.
> The rhgb option is what makes the white and blue bars appear 
> at boot time.
> ~af

Nothing new there, sorry, it just stops with "Switching to new root and
running init".

I'm trying the install with a freshly burnt CD or two.

Tim Clarke

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