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Please help! Lost my LVM VG...

Hello All,

I have a MythTV system running on Fedora 8. Initially the system only
had one VolumeGroup: VolGroup00. Later on I added two more physical
drives and created a completely new VolumeGroup (VolTerabytes00) to
store all my data. This setup used to work fine for about a month.

Today I switched my system off to make some physical cleaning (a lot
of dust gets inside). After switching it ON, my Fedora doesn't boot,
stopping at the "checking filesystems" phase with an error:

"fsck.ext3: No such file or directory while trying to open

I'm prompted to enter a root password to get to system maintenance, or
Ctrl+D to continue.

In the system maintenance I can see there's /dev/VolGroup00 but
there's no /dev/VolTerabytes00, so my newly-created VG seem to be

I tried running lvm and it says "Locking type 1 initialisation failed"
no matter what command I enter...

What can I do to get my volume group back???

Please help!! I have some valuable data on that volume, but more
important to me is to find out what I did wrong...

My system is Fedora 8, kernel

Best regards,

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