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Re: dbus is flooded with sr0: CDROM not ready messages.

On Thursday 12 February 2009 19:54, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> Dmesg returns thousands of "sr0: CDROM not ready" messages.
> I have not done anything with the CDROM drive since I rebooted last.
> $ uname -a
> Linux localhost.localdomain #1 SMP Wed Jan
> 21 02:09:37 EST 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
> The only abnormal thing I can see is that KsCD seems to somehow end up
> in the system tray every time I reboot.  Even though I quit it every
> time.
> How do fix this situation ?
> Thanks

It could be worth a look in /home/user/.kde/autostart directory. If Kscd is 
there, rename it or remove it.

I've also had problems with the default setting in Kscd's config, where the 
checkbox for add icon to taskbar (or something like that) is ticked. I'd 
suggest unchecking that box.

When that box is checked, and the icon for Kscd is in the tasbar/panel, I've 
found that you can't play other media (a dvd for example), as the dvd app 
complains that it can't access the optical drive. it appears that Kscd's icon 
when in the panel, means that Kscd is active, ready to play, and that it has  
grabbed /dev/sr0, thus preventing other apps (Kaffeine for example) 
using /dev/sr0.

Which Fedora version is this?

Just some thoughts.


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