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JD wrote:
> Mister mikkel,
> So, the very first statement you made is calling me a troll for MS.
> It is fitting that you call people names. It exposes your mental capacities.
Funny, I don't remember calling you a name. I asked you a question,
and you have yet to answer it. I guess being insulting is one way to
avoid answering.

> I have been a unix user since the early 70's. Were you even  born then?

Yes, I was born then - I was even working with computers then. So I
have seen a bit of the computer world. It would have been
interesting if there had been software patents when Microsoft cam
out with MS Dos. Somehow, I think DRI might have something to say
about Microsoft ripping off the 8 bit version of CP/M. (Ok - they
bought a ripoff, they did not do it themselves.)

> Real success should not be measured by how many different
> candy flavors the kids can sample linux in. Real success is when more than 50% of
> the private corps and all the gov offices  adopt just ONE LINUX. That's when MS will
> really panic and resort to nasty behavior - similar to (but far nastier than)
> your first statement in your reply to me.

I still do not know - are you a troll for Microsoft, or are you
missing the hole point of Linux? Your statements can be read either
way. In any case, you are applying the wrong business model to
Linux, and that is where all your predictions fall down. The problem
is that the needs of government and the needs of business overlap,
but are not identical. You are still trying to fit Linux into the
"One size fits all" business model, and it does not fit. Think about
that before you try to insult me again.


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