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On Thu, 2009-02-12 at 11:53 -0800, JD wrote:
>  I think the same is happening to Linux. It's success is breeding
> incompatibilities
> between the various distros, and that will kill it's possibility of
> taking the lead
> from windows.
> Real success should not be measured by how many different
> candy flavors the kids can sample linux in. Real success is when more
> than 50% of
> the private corps and all the gov offices  adopt just ONE LINUX.
> That's when MS will
> really panic and resort to nasty behavior - similar to (but far
> nastier than)
> your first statement in your reply to me.
your predicate is entirely faulty

This is not a contest to replace Microsoft or Windows and it never has
been except for some people who wish to see it that way. Your
measurement of real success thinks only in those terms.

You are free to project your own goals for Linux but wrong if you think
that the majority of Linux software developers actually agree with you.

I disagree with each of your sentences quoted above.


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