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> Mister mikkel,
> So, the very first statement you made is calling me a troll for MS.
> It is fitting that you call people names. It exposes your mental capacities.
> I have been a unix user since the early 70's. Were you even  born then?
> I have worked on the old unix version 7 kernel, the BSD kernel, the SVR4
> kernel,
> the Solaris Kernel and the AIX kernel (not necessarily in that order).
> Perhaps at the time I was doing all this,
> you were in.... kindergarten???? or grade school? or high school?
> I saw the horrific problems companies were having with software packages
> that
> would only run on some particular brand of unix, but not on others - so
> there
> were multi brands of linux installations that required different people with
> different expertise to update, manage and administer and secure.
> At government installations, the picture was much much worse.
> What made unix successful became it's own demise.
> I think the same is happening to Linux. It's success is breeding
> incompatibilities
> between the various distros, and that will kill it's possibility of taking
> the lead
> from windows.
> Real success should not be measured by how many different
> candy flavors the kids can sample linux in. Real success is when more than
> 50% of
> the private corps and all the gov offices  adopt just ONE LINUX. That's when
> MS will
> really panic and resort to nasty behavior - similar to (but far nastier
> than)
> your first statement in your reply to me.

You are mistaken sir. It is not really about replacing microsoft. Its
about making the users free, free to choose and not just be stuck with
the one thing that is slammed upon you. Linux (and off course Fedora)
is about letting the user decide what to use. More over "UNIX was
costly" Linux is not. Its free and one software can work on all
distros. So there is really no question of failing.

(Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury)

!!!Windows is "micro"-soft[ware]..I like bigger things!!!

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