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Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
2009/2/12 Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com>:
JD wrote:
I have been a unix user since the early 70's. Were you even  born then?

Yes, I was born then - I was even working with computers then. So I
have seen a bit of the computer world.

You're both clearly in the same ballpark (the category of "in
computing before I was born") but the evidence suggests that maturity
does not necessarily correlate with advancing years. I recently popped
onto this list from the RHEL ones - I hope this thread isn't an
indication of normality around here or I might as well go home.

I think not, but it's one of those threads that has more heads than a
Hydra.  It seems to have been spawned when someone was dismayed about
the number of Fedora releases per year.  He/she wanted a more stable
system, I think.

Obviously the OP didn't understand that we Fedoraites (is that a word?)
are essentially lab rats.  If enough changes are put into Fedora and
most of the rats don't die, then it gets frozen and becomes the next
RHEL.  After all, RHEL5 based on F6, isn't it?

Most of the threads here are actually useful.  This one just doesn't
seem to want to die.  Of course, we're not helping its overdue demise by
adding to and commenting on it.  :-)

"That's my opinion...I could be wrong."
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