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Re: Time to upgrade FC8->FC10

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 04:06:38PM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> I have never figured out why you people hate fdisk so much.  Back when you 
> called it disk druid or some such it was a PIMA, and while the face is now a 
> lot prettier, it is just as terminally broken in its heart as ever.

I believe Anaconda uses parted these days.

> And all you have to do is get past the 199meg limit for /boot that the F8 
> installer insisted on.  Use fdisk to set it up bigger, and the installer 
> would not recognize it.

I just got out my Fedora 8 installation DVD and popped it into a
virtual machine to test how the installation worked.  Here's what I
think happened to you:

When you select "Create a custom layout," the installer pre-populates
a starting partition layout for you -- a slightly less than 200 MB
/boot partition, and the rest of the drive allocated for a single LVM
physical partition, containing a single LVM volume group, with a swap
partition and a root (/) partition, which most people would then set
up for all the other partitions as needed.

If you don't delete that LVM partition, which in the layout starts
right after the pre-set /boot partition, you can't set the /boot
partition any higher -- because there's nowhere left to increase

If you delete the LVM volume group and then the physical partition,
and then delete the /boot partition and truly start from scratch, you
can size that /boot partition as high as you like.  I just ran the
installation this way with a 400 MB /boot partition and it worked like
a charm.

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