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Re: Q's for senior fedora/redhat admins


Thank you for your reply, you're the only @fedora poster I see so I only
read and respond to you,as you represent officialness,

I trust none of the other 10 posters or so in this thread were, because
they did not post from fedora/redhat so to avoid getting into long
rantings with trolls, I did not read them, after this post of thanks to
you I shall unsubscribe from this list, since Fedora wont be the way my
friends or I traverse, but I thank you.

> Claiming it might be illegal and trying to pass off responsibility to
> end users doesn't work in US. Doing that would amount to contributory
> infringement. Users may not care but Fedora is legally based in US and
> doesn't operate in the same environment that Canonical (legal and
> commercial) entity behind Ubuntu) works. So it is not legally possible

This is noted, it is the users that make a distribution, users just want 
a,b and c to work, they don't care, which I guess is why Ubuntu has a good
foothold now days, not being U.S based it is not subject to its laws or
requirements and as none of us are U.S based, nor are we.

> You might consider using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (which is derived from
> Fedora) or one of the free rebuilds where every release supported upto
> 7-10 years.

More like 5-7 from what I was told by them, and yes, CentOS is nice.


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