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Re: Q's for senior fedora/redhat admins

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 14:41:48 +1000 (EST), laura ausics net wrote:

> Rahul,
> Thank you for your reply, you're the only @fedora poster I see so I only
> read and respond to you,as you represent officialness,

Have you noticed that the Fedora Project Leader has replied using a GMail
address? ;-)
> I trust none of the other 10 posters or so in this thread were, because
> they did not post from fedora/redhat so to avoid getting into long
> rantings with trolls, I did not read them,

That's mistake.

Some clearly pointed out they *could* post from a Red Hat or Fedora
Project address, but that wouldn't make a difference in what they've
written. Others use signatures, which show whether they work for Red Hat
or whether they have a Fedora Project address.

There is nothing special about a Fedora Project email address.

Your assumption is wrong. There are many people with a Fedora Project
email address, who are not "decision makers" in any of the project's
committees (or such). You should learn about how contributors can get
such an address. The address doesn't make them anything like official

I could post from my Fedora Project address (simply by replacing the
@gmail.com appropriately), but that wouldn't make me a project spokesman

P.S. I don't mind at all, if you really skip this message. Stay uninformed
if you prefer that. :-)

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