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Gene Poole wrote:
> It seems that in some ways this list may have lost it's focus.
> If I'm wrong, please correct me.  Isn't Fedora here to explore the latest 
> and greatest? If this is true, at some point two releases a year might not 
> be enough based upon advancements.
> If someone is expecting a relative distro without change and they don't 
> want to pay the support costs, they should stick with CentOS or Ubuntu TLS 
> - correct? Speaking about incompatibility, isn't the only guarantee is 
> that a kernel at the same level, regardless of distribution, will function 
> exactly the same?! If you want to move from, say, KDE3 to KDE4 you have to 
> upgrade your system because drivers and libraries are hardly ever forward 
> compatible.  If you want to move from the ext3 to the ext4 file system you 
> must upgrade your system?!
> So, what this person is saying is that - I'm going to stop using Fedora 
> because it's constantly moving forward and I want to live in the past! 
> Thanks,
> Gene Poole
I do tend to agree here.  It sounds to me like a case of 'upgrade
fatigue'.  I think we've all been there. You get something working the
way you want it and then something new comes along.  Do you A) upgrade
and hope for the best? or B) Stay where you are knowing it'll work the
way you like.

I think a lot of the answer to that question comes from previous
experiences. If the OP has been bitten by various 'hiccups' that come
from upgrades enough times, he'll be very conservative.

If not, then he may think, it'll work just fine, it has in the past, and
do the upgrade.  For some people it seems that a new Fedora version is
released and virtually immediately after all the kinks are worked out of
that version, a new one is released.

I can certainly see that causing this kind of post.

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