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Jay Mistry wrote:
> <snip>
>> Speaking about incompatibility, isn't the only guarantee is that a
>> kernel at the same level, regardless of distribution, will function exactly
>> the same?! If you want to move from, say, KDE3 to KDE4 you have to upgrade
>> your system because drivers and libraries are hardly ever forward
>> compatible.  If you want to move from the ext3 to the ext4 file system you
>> must upgrade your system?!
>> So, what this person is saying is that - I'm going to stop using Fedora
>> because it's constantly moving forward and I want to live in the past!
>> Thanks,
>> Gene Poole
> There may be a point there, considering that Fedora 10 will not have
> KDE 3.5.x and the instability of KDE 4.2 (most related to
> plasmoid/plasma component). Many users of KDE would like to work with
> KDE 3.5.x, until the 4.2 release becomes more stable/mature.
> Jay

KDE 4.2 is very stable for me.  I've found, however, that using r1 of Qt
4.4.2 has some issues with KDE4.2.   But, using the latest release of
Qt4.4.2 fixes all of that.  Mine has been rock solid since the release.

But then, I built mine from source instead of the RPMs.

I will still say KDE4.2 is damn good and more useful (to me anyway) than

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