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First thoughts on KDE4.2...

I thought I'd start a thread on first thoughts about KDE4.2...

It feels faster.

I don't think it looks as nice as KDE 4.1.x did.  I liked the black
background on the panel better than the current panel color scheme. That
is probably being picky, but it is what I think.  Maybe the panel
background color could be set in the future ?

I find the file icon "icon bars" that appear on an icon when you
holdover to be too big now.   I thought they were better in KDE 4.1.4.

I love the LCDWeather widget.  I have 2 of them in my lower panel.  I
wish that they displayed the name of the location they are indicating
for.  For example, it should say "Las Vegas" when you open it up.   I
guess the designers didn't anticipate people having more than one
weather widget operating once ?

Evolution seems to run faster.  I have really large email folders.

My lower, centered panel now retains its width setting and doesn't move
the icons around between sessions !  Its nice this problem is finally

It doesn't seem possible to move icons within a panel.  I'm hoping this
feature appears in the near future so that I can group icons they way I
like them. 

Overall, it looks pretty good.

Kudos to the KDE team for their efforts. 


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