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Re: First thoughts on KDE4.2... lots of bugs...

I'm finding a lot of bugs in KDE4.2

1) KDE asks for root permission when I open a folder with Dolphin from a

2) Kstart gets messed up when I go from classical mode to the kickoff
mode.  Half the kickoff menu extends below the bottom of my display.
The Kstart widget icon gets big when I am done.

3) I've crashed plasma twice and I get errors when I start it from time
to time.

4) I crashed one of my panels when I tried to rearrange the icons in it.
Now I can't add a Konsole icon to it. 

5) I get funky flashing menus in applications from time to time.

6) My display goes funky during boot up.  It starts good but then
displays parts of old windows then goes black (or blue) for a long time.
After a while it goes normal, except that the desktop background doesn't
display on my second monitor.

I'm not saying KDE4.2 is bad, just that its not entirely stable.
Hopefully there will be an update in the near future.  After all, it is
a .0 release. 


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