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Re: First thoughts on KDE4.2... lots of bugs...

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 16:19 -0700, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> I'm finding a lot of bugs in KDE4.2
> 1) KDE asks for root permission when I open a folder with Dolphin from a
> folderview.

Works for me.

> 2) Kstart gets messed up when I go from classical mode to the kickoff
> mode.  Half the kickoff menu extends below the bottom of my display.
> The Kstart widget icon gets big when I am done.

I never do that so I wouldn't know.

> 3) I've crashed plasma twice and I get errors when I start it from time
> to time.

Never seen that.

> 4) I crashed one of my panels when I tried to rearrange the icons in it.
> Now I can't add a Konsole icon to it. 

Works for me.

> 5) I get funky flashing menus in applications from time to time.

Haven't seen that.

> 6) My display goes funky during boot up.  It starts good but then
> displays parts of old windows then goes black (or blue) for a long time.
> After a while it goes normal, except that the desktop background doesn't
> display on my second monitor.

I think I saw a bad root window redraw once. It went away when I moved a
window on top of it.

Perhaps you should try with a fresh .kde and see what happens.


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